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At Wholesher India Pvt Ltd we are devoted to provide Best Quality Products to our Customers and Best services to our Vendors.

Managing quality means constantly pursuing excellence: making sure that what your organisation does is fit for purpose, and not only stays that way, but keeps improving.
There’s a lot more to managing quality than just manufacturing widgets without any defects or getting trains to run on time – although those things are certainly part of the picture.
Quality is not just a box to be ticked or something you pay lip service to. Failures resulting from poor governance, ineffective assurance and resistance to change can, and do, have dire consequences for businesses, individuals and society as a whole.

For this purpose, we have created a special team of quality experts that we call WQA team. This team of experts visit every vendor’s plant and check each and every product that is listed for sale on Wholesher Website. This Products and services are tried and testing by our WQA team and if found “ok” are given a Trust Seal Brand that we call as “Sher Assured”.
This Seal will acquire a trust from your customer hence we urge all our vendors to get quality check done once every quarterly.

To Get “Sher Assured “kindly fill in below form and our WQA team will get back to you